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Home automation 1 - openHAB

I recently decided to try adding some automation to my home. I foresee a time in my future where I can just walk into my house, and it greets me and turns on my lights for me, it can watch me to see when I go to bed and turn everything off, etc. How cool would that be! With today’s technology, I don’t see why this can’t be done. So with that said, here begins the long and arduous road to complete home automation.


Updated theme

After a long time (way too long), I’m finally back at this site again. And to start with, a new theme! This theme looks great in my opinion. It’s very clear and open, but still provides easy access to all the content.


High Fidelity - ES6 and beyond

Have you heard of High Fidelity? As the spiritual successor to Second Life, it allows you to create shared VR (and non-VR) experiences, hosted on your own server, for people to enjoy. Everything inside a High Fidelity domain is an Entity, which is a 3D model that can have JavaScript code attached to it, running either on the domain server all the time, or on each client who sees the entity.


Terminal Kit - spicy scripts

Have you ever written a script in Node.js and wished the output was more interesting? Terminal Kit for Node allows you to modify the colors and style of your console output, as well as doing more interactive things like asking the user for input, showing graphics, etc. Have a look at the package on NPM for examples and screenshots. A great use case I often have is for prettier logging in a Node based server:


Day One - Journal app

This beautifully designed journal app is simple and easy to use, and has some great features. Each entry automatically records the location, weather, steps and even what music you’re listening to at the time.


GoCoEdit - Code editor for iOS

After an extremely long break, I’m finally back. So much has happened, technology is moving on!

Today I bring you a discovery I made a while back, which is an app for iOS called GoCoEdit. It’s a full-featured code editor, with syntax highlighting, local and remote file access, and even an integrated mini-terminal for SSHing into a server to run commands.

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