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Soulver – A notepad and calculator mix

The Soulver app for iOS is a great mix of notepad and calculator. You can take notes with calculations in them extremely easily.

Price: $2.99+

Write down anything in the notepad, shopping lists, budgets etc, and see calculations in real-time.

A simple grocery list in Soulver. Add the prices of items in the note, and Soulver automatically adds them up on the right.

The app doesn’t look like much when you first open it (just a blank text area), but there are many hidden features that are very powerful.

Hidden Features

Soulver has many hidden features, such as binary and hexadecimal number support, currency conversion, math functions, variables, etc.

Hexadecimal and binary number support, by using the “0x” and “0b” prefixes.
Soulver can convert currencies easily, using natural language such as “$300 in pounds”
Convert units easily using Soulver
Easily handle percent calculations with Soulver
Use variables in Soulver to make things easier. Use “A = …” prefix to create a variable, or use the built-in line number variables.
Sync your notes between your devices automatically, using either iCloud or Dropbox.