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GoCoEdit – Code editor for iOS

After an extremely long break, I’m finally back. So much has happened, technology is moving on!

Today I bring you a discovery I made a while back, which is an app for iOS called GoCoEdit. It’s a full-featured code editor, with syntax highlighting, local and remote file access, and even an integrated mini-terminal for SSHing into a server to run commands.

For the longest time I’ve been searching for a good IDE for the iPad, but unfortunately while there are some good text editors, there are always features missing that make it difficult to work with. Of course, this may be a limitation of iOS itself, since it is very difficult to work on one file with multiple apps.

Of course, nothing beats a desktop OS when it comes to coding, but when you need to do some coding on the go, GoCoEdit is the best choice I’ve seen.

Here’s a sample of what it can do:

You can open and edit files directly from the local disk or from remotes such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, etc, without having to download them first.
The text editor has full syntax highlighting for many languages, as well as useful shortcuts on the keyboard and a text cursor movement tool.
An integrated mini-shell allows you to connect to a server to run commands. The shell session also stays connected when you go back to the text editor.
The built-in web browser can be used to preview your web apps, and local files are served through a local http server. It even has a built-in Javascript debug console, and a responsive design mode to view your app on a smaller screen.
Multiple themes are available, and you can even create your own theme or language syntax definition.