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Hello World from IPFS


I’ve just switched my blog to using Hexo instead of WordPress, and it’s been an interesting experience… Hexo is a static site generator, which means all the code is executed directly in your browser, unlike WordPress which runs from a PHP server. Since I’m already familiar with npm and Node.js which Hexo uses, it was actually quite a smooth process for me…


Wanderers game - part 2

Now that the game has a camera, a HUD and a Grass tile, we need to code some actual game logic. To start with, how about a class which handles all the game’s data? Eventually this will need to be handled in a better way, but for now we can simply use PlayerPrefs to store the save game data, and create a singleton class to handle the game logic.


Wanderers game - part 1

Have you heard of Unity? It’s an amazing game engine that lets you create 2D and 3D games quite easily (relatively speaking). I’ve been playing with it recently and there’s so many hidden features and add-ons, it’s a lot to get your head around.


Android Debugger (ADB) cheat sheet

adb is the command-line tool used for interacting with Android devices and debugging Android apps via the terminal. It’s an incredibly versatile tool, full of many hidden gems. It can let you debug your apps over WiFi, copy files to/from your device, view logs, run terminal commands, and much more.

Here’s a quick list of some ADB commands that I found useful.

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