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Kovenant cheat sheet

Promises are awesome. They remove a lot of the complexity of dealing with asynchronous code, and ever since I started using them in Javascript I’ve never gone back to callbacks. When it comes to Android development I’ve done a bit of experimenting with RxKotlin, but it was a bit overcomplicated for my needs. Recently I’ve been using the Kovenant library for Kotlin which adds pretty good Promise support with a nice and simple API.


Extract autofilled passwords from your browser

So you know how Chrome and many other browsers allow you to view your passwords, but they ask you to enter your system password in order to do so? I’ve always found that a bit strange, because there’s a way to get a saved password without doing that. A very simple way, actually.


Simplest React starter

I often create React apps for work and even for myself personally, but one thing that has always bothered me is how much configuration there is. Even using create-react-app, there are so many scripts involved that sometimes it plain doesn’t work right out of the box. I don’t want to waste time configuring my project, I just want to write some code!


Customized Windows command prompt

I personally use the command prompt on Windows a lot, but it’s always been very boring to look at. Now I know there are command prompt replacer apps out there which make it look much better (like Cmder), but I wanted to see how far we can customize it without installing any extra software. So let’s see how far we can go.


Fcmila Smart Bulb

tl;dr: This process failed!

I recently got a WiFi LED smart bulb from China, called the “Fcmila Smart Bulb.” It’s a nice bulb, but it looks like it can only be controlled through their TechLife app, which uses the internet. That won’t work for me, I need to connect it to my openHAB home automation network!


Home automation 3 - smart bulb

Now that openHAB is installed, it’s time to add some devices. After looking at the options available, I decided to try out some Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave creates it’s own wireless mesh network, so even if my WiFi went down, all my devices would still be able to operate (as long as my PC is still on). So I got these:

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